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You will find that the Multiroll tool will amaze you as you create some of the most unique fabricated parts or jobs. Sheet metal fabrication goes back a long, long time. Back in the early days of sheet metal fabrication, projects were made by hand by some of the finest craftsmen ever. Using the Multiroll sheet metal radius hand former will make you look like a seasoned fabricating craftsman. Bolt the Multiroll sheet metal radius bender to a bench or simply clamp it in your hand brake. You can also clamp it to the side of your pick-up truck or trailer to use in the field. The Multiroll sheet metal radius hand brake is portable. The BP-60 wieghs only 20 lbs. and can be set up anywhere. It is also a GREEN product. The Multiroll sheet metal radius bender is made of  6065 alloy aluminum and is hand operated.