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The Multiroll sheet metal radius hand brake is available in a 2” diameter x 60” box and pan or full 120” straight brake. The Multiroll is a designed to be bolted securely to a bench, trailer or simply clamp into your existing hand brake. Since you are pulling material by hand the Multiroll MUST be mounted to a table that is securely mounted to the floor or heavy enough not to move. It is light enough to be portable and can be set up almost anywhere. The Multiroll die is designed to accept multiple flanges inside the radius bend. The “J” die is designed when installed to create outside flanges or no flange on a radius bend. “HAPPY BENDING”

Multiroll Horizontal

5ft assembled-die

Model #BP60



122ft brake
Model #SB122

Multiroll apartMultiroll apart
View of the Multiroll in pieces.
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